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Cloning is a viable option if installing a fresh copy of the OS and migrating your data is not an option. This will display a boot menu that looks like the picture below. Click the drive icon that says 'Recovery' (OS and later) or 'Mac OS X.
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BTW: Developers need to eat! Therefore, I suggest making a small donation to Mike Bombich via Paypal. For cloning options choose Backup everything in order to make the target bootable. The time for cloning varies. Source : credit to Mark West mac You can use it for free for what you're trying to do, but it's worth every penny for the extra features.

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I am using the Migration Assistant on the old hard drive to migrate the data from a Time Machine backup to the new disk. It won't work for every situation need USB enclosure, etc - but it looks like it will work for me.

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There is support on the website and tutorial videos. This way I can still buy a relatively small and inexpensive SSD but still have all the storage I need. When was the last time I needed to read a DVD? Speed is now unbeatable and I still have endless storage. As far as copying the data, I would make a disk image from your current hard drive to external using Disk Utility. Just keep in mind that you can't image a disk that you booted from, so you might have to install Lion onto the SSD temporarily to boot from while you create your image.

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Some SSDs makers will sell it as an upgrade kit. You'll need to purchase the USB adapter. Plug it in and let carbon copy cloner do the rest.

Burn ISO to USB on Mac (including MacOS Sierra) - ALWAYS WORKS

I had an issue going from a large drive to a smaller SSD, even after deleting files. I found out it was because of the Lion MobileBackup volume. I turned off this feature and let it clear the files, then restarted, then I was able to make the move. Sign up to join this community.

Clone a Mac with SuperDuper!

Generally, booting from an external drive will be slower, even with new Thunderbolt and USB-C drives. Those are still much slower than the solid state drives SSDs found in most new Macs. But, if you choose your external drive as the restore target, you can flip that action around and copy files from your main drive to the backup. When Disk Utility is done, you can shut down your Mac and hold down Option when booting it back up.

This brings up the boot switcher and lets you boot from the external hard drive. You can do the same process in reverse if you need to copy the files back over, or restore the backup should your computer decide to break. The key concept in any back-up plan is redundancy, i. One of the main benefits of the Boot Clone is you can boot your machine directly from this external HD, and pick up where you left off without experiencing any down time in your productivity should your internal HD fail.

This will allow you to come to terms with your current situation and make a contingency plan for repair, all the while having a fully functional macOS to continue operating. The main advantage of TM is that it creates recursive backups—enabling you to restore a specific file or the entire drive— from a certain point in time. These local snapshots are automatically enabled when you turn on Time Machine.

About Time Machine local snapshots - Apple Support. If your Time Machine Time Capsule fails, becomes corrupt or does not inherit—you will be thankful you had an alternative backup strategy. This is a fast and easy process, and a simple enough procedure if you have the correct software, two of the most popular:. You will need an external enclosure to hold the new drive.