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Hi Everyone Looking at the relase notes for the ESXi update, it looks like I can install MAC OSX on ESXi now. I have followed the.
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Booting the VM back up I now get this error: Also, I wanted to find out about licensing.

Install macOS on ESXi | Calvin Bui

There has been some talk about through forums, just wanted to get a clear answer. A failure in HostSmcRead means that we were unable to communicate with the required host hardware. If you are using Apple host hardware, I'd be interested to know the details because the failure you're seeing would be something we'd want to figure out and fix Otherwise, what you're doing is not permitted by the Apple SLA and we won't be able to help you here.

You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. I think that this will be my last attempt. Thank you sgreszcz for your explanation. You have invested a lot of time, not to mention money, into this sound nightmare. In this thread it is all about vitualisation. Thanks anyway. ESXi 5.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Downladed MultiBeast5. Made a copy of AppleHDA kext. Installed Alc driver using MultiBeast5. It does produce sound coming out from the rear green jack, plugged into ESXi host, but the volume is faint and a lot of crackling noise. Effectively not usable. No solution found at all.

That’s so cool! Running ESXi 5.0 & 5.1 on Apple Mac Mini

Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I have never messed much with kext files or anything, as the only hackintosh I have running is on an old Dell Mini9 netbook. I bought the Maya XTE PCIe audio card, but I could not get it to pass through to Mountain Lion and it caused me to lose connection from vSphere client and lock up the whole system forcing me to hard reboot. I tested this to see if it was only a problem with OSX, but it also caused the host to lock up when I tried passing the soundcard through to a Windows XP installation.

I am returning the card I experimented with a couple of "virtual soundcards" for OSX, but couldn't really get them to work or they weren't supported in a virutal environment. I installed the latest soundflower virtual sound driver, and I did get really good sound when I tested capturing a youtube video using Snapz Pro X. This will work OK for that sort of thing. I can probably work remotely with splashtop2 which does a good job at remote streaming of video and audio. I haven't tried it from the virtualized Mountain Lion install yet.

I forgot to mention that I did manage to pass through the ASUS Mio sound card, but it wasn't detected natively in Mountain Lion and I haven't dug much into how to get it working in ML with kexts which I'm trying to avoid. I have no idea how to get the AppleHDA. Maybe I'll try again It was detected natively by OSX and I got sound, however it was choppy and crackly.

I have also managed to run this server headless with graphics acceleration on by inserting a ohm resistor into the analogue video port. This forces OSX to load the accelerated drivers without a monitor connected, otherwise you won't get the benefit of the GPU. How to make VGA dummy. You will not get any signal on the VGA if you plug it in later. Then part of the way through the bootup the ESXi screen freezes until you start up Mountain Lion guest on the vSphere client, and then the video passthrough takes over and you get the OSX desktop on your monitor.

For now I have sound and accelerated video on a headless setup. This would give me a good workstation configuration. Any luck on the MIO card? I am in the same boat with an ATI passed through perfectly but sound not working. I have tried all with optical:. I thought perhaps the USB devices weren't getting enough bandwidth if sharing with all of the other devices I have plugged in so tried passing through pcie controllers:. Will boot to osx if no USB devices are plugged in, will not recognize any plugged in after boot. Frisco Logic USB 3. I found a solution in case anyone else is trying the same: Final VM setup: OS X AudioTrak Maya U5 usb sound card - optical out 5.

If anyone finds a way to get usb 3. You may want to try this kext http: Thanks for the tips. I haven't had the time to continue working on the sound and the MIO I'll report back when I get some more time to mess with this. Is it possible to run OSX First of all, the just-released ESXi 5. I believe it still has some problems with USB 3.

More on that later though, since this thread is really about graphics acceleration. Donk's unlocker works wonderfully. Installing OS X was the easiest part. The gets all its power via the PCIe bus, takes up only one slot and was fairly cheap so I went with that.

The Hardware

Even more importantly it's natively supported in Mavericks without any kext shenanigans--also an important consideration for me. Passing that through was a cinch. I haven't actually tried the HDMI audio--have no idea if that works or not.

How to Unlock ESXi Host and install MAC OS X Lion

Like anything else, you will better understand how to support a platform if you have a chance to use said platform. The more opportunity you get to work in the Mac paradigm, the easier it will be for you to understand how things work and how to fix them. Consider this parallel: You understand refrigerators, you know the theory behind how they work, you know their quirks.

ESXi installation

Does that qualify you to be a dishwasher specialist? Whose website? I'm not aware of any industry-shaking announcement that Apple has allowed OSX to move into the enterprise. This would be the announcement of the year. I mean nearly the entire industry is begging for this. I can't imagine that it would slip by unnoticed. ESXi 5.

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Your physical system must be an Apple-labeled computer to install or run OS X Yep, this has been Apple's policy forever. Apple OS can only be installed on Apple hardware This does not imply that you don't have to buy the BMW first. Stealing the car is still stealing the car regardless of the fact that you legally bought a parking space that supports that kind of car. After I install it off that mac, can I use team viewer or something else, like that, to get on it from a PC?

So based on the statement in the above linked article and that ESXi 5. Wrong - they have 2 that are VMware approved. Search on Apple in the partner name at http: Odd, so they list the Mac desktop like it is a tower server. Since when does VMware certify desktop gear? That's not impressive. But you can do it, certified, top to bottom, it would appear.

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I wonder how ESX 5. Small kit that can fit under your desk I guess Don't know why you would do this.. Remember those ads about the G5 Power Mac, it was a super computer and couldn't be exported out of the US without certain restrictions. I use the mini for a couple of special applications that only deploy to esx.