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Wimac Tool, Wimax Tool. Wimac Tool V for hunting Wimax IP / MAC Address. Welcome Opera Mini Free internet - Globe · BMm Toolkit by LAVABOY free downloads Supported for BMi for mac sniper ang ip scanner.
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I'd like to changed its mac address..

Change MAC Address

If you know how to kindly PM me jorielgmail. MAC address: These are the simplest of steps that has to be followed in order to reactivate optimized smart bro. But is thi step effective when MAC Address is changed? I can not also go to my Modem Browser. I have two questions which I hope you could help me: Please email to me your answer at junditona ymail. I hope you can help me resolve my problem. Thank you. Today you will learn how to configure, at the same time optimize your Smartbro Green Packet indoor modem for free.

This tutorial is for educational purposes only. Green-packet i s one of the leading developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions, unveiled its exciting new range of wimax compliant modems. Is originated on Kuala Lumpur Malaysia last September it is now now by most companies who provide internet services to people because of its cheap and affordable price range.

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It has a feature of wireless connectivity that is perfect for wireless connectivity for home and small office usages. It has a very simple user interface and provides ample information regarding each NIC in the machine.

How to Reactivate (Optimized) Smartbro Green Packet Modem

Open angry ip scanner and input your Wan Ip. Your Wan IP is For the Default Admin password of the green dots you scanned: Motorola Smartbro password: Smartbro username: Mybro username: If you cannot open it with the given passwords, continue scanning. Look for the Mac address and right it down. If the Mac Address of your modem is the old mac address restore factory default your modem and perform the step no.

If you successfully changed the mac address of your modem, meaning you already configured it right and congrats.! WiFi In Windows. WiFi In Linux. Securing Your Wireless Network. Hiding Your Network. Network Segmentation. Default Configurations. Wireless Attack Tools. Built-In Tools. Kali Linux. WiFi Explorer. Wireless Attack Toolkit. WiFi Tap.

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