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Mount a " SSD on this PCIe Card to give your Mac Pro a speed boost. The pulsecard is a PCIe x4 adapter for PCIe M.2 SSD that allows you to install.
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NVMe SSD Upgrade Guide for an Early MacBook Pro - Graham Stevens – tricanindesca.cf

Yes we understand that Apple thinks they must strive for ever-thinner-lighter computers, but at the cost of repairability? Look at the innards of this MacBook Pro and the ease of replacing the SSD once you have the adapter and wouldn't you be willing to trade a few millimeters of thickness for the freedom to swap SSD's? See iFixit rates MacBook Pro with 2 out of 10 repairability score.

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  4. How to Maximize Your Mac Pro's Internal Storage Capability.

The attached video also goes over performance enhancements. Why, then, is Apple saddling its customers with inferior SSD's at a premium price? Clearly a pre-requisite, if you have an existing SSD with contents you want to preserve, is to back up the SSD to an external drive.

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How to install an NVME SSD to a MacBook Air or MacBook pro

Learn Node. Note that Macs do not have an M. Mercury Accelsior Pro Q. From watching the videos above, it should be clear that the installation procedure is simple and effectively like any other PCIe card. It once was reasonable to question whether or not the extra performance of an SSD was worth the extra price compared to a hard drive, but those days have since passed. As SSD prices have moderated, now few who value the power and expansion of a Mac Pro doubt that the performance of an SSD is worth the price compared to a hard drive, or at least in addition to hard drives, but which SSD option is best for you depends on both your budget as well as your storage and performance needs.

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If something simple and inexpensive is your highest priority, and you have available hard drive bays, it is quick to install an SSD in a free hard drive bay using an Icy Dock or Mount Pro adapter. If your hard drive bays are full, installing an SSD or two or more in the optical drive bay s also is fairly straightforward with the right Multi-Mount adapter.

In theory, just about any SSD that meets the minimum requirements should be compatible with the Mac Pro. However, it always is best to buy from a trusted company with Mac knowledge for the most trouble-free experience and the Mac Pro-specific third-party products make installation much easier and can even provide higher performance, too.

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