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FreeFileSync is a free open source data backup software which helps you compare and synchronize files and folders on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
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I listen to music a lot while I work, and iTunes runs all day on my Mac in the background. There are lots of other ways to do this, but I find Sizzling Keys the easiest and most flexible iTunes controller. Airfoil is designed to let you stream audio from a Mac to all sorts of devices, and it is an essential tool for doing this task. But Airfoil Speakers works in the other direction: This allows me to stream music from my MacBook or iPhone to my iMac.

Airfoil Speakers stays dormant in the background until I need it, but when I want to stream any audio to my iMac, it lets me do so transparently. When you have key files you want to be able to access on multiple devices—computers or mobile—the cloud comes to the rescue. Like many people, I use Dropbox , which allows me to not only access important files on my iMac, MacBook, iPhone, and iPad, but also to share files with others. I work on a number of collaborative projects, where shared folders allow me and others to work on the same files. Dropbox is an essential tool for much of my work.

FreeFileSync: RealTimeSync

I work with two Macs: I use BitTorrent Sync to keep a few folders in sync across my two Macs. In addition, my MacBook is my test machine, and I often take screenshots on that Mac to use in articles I write. So I put my screenshots in a dedicated folder, which syncs from the MacBook to my iMac.

Last but not least is the tool that keeps my files safe: Carbon Copy Cloner. Carbon Copy Cloner handles all this, allowing me to set backups to run overnight, to copy key files to external drives, and to clone my entire startup volume. If anything happens to my Mac, I can always boot from that clone, and even restore it to the Mac. With Carbon Copy Cloner, I can be sure that my files are protected.

He's also the author of Take Control of iTunes The FAQ. Online security tools: The holiday gift that shows you really care. Mac Pro in , iPhone news and rumors, Swift Playgrounds: Macworld Podcast LaunchBar The first two apps I install on a new Mac are the ones that help me get everything else set up on my computer. LaunchBar is more than just an application launcher. If I have a better experience with another app, I'll report it back here for the benefit of those who follow.

Following up from a couple of days ago, I am very pleased with SyncBackFree, which is in the "honorable mentions" category of this review. SBF won't appeal to everyone.

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It has a bit of a learning curve as there are a LOT of options. I like software that puts the user in charge, and SBF certainly does that.

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In a nutshell, you create one or more "profiles" i. It operates on demand or, via Windows Task Scheduler, on the schedule you set. You can set filters at the file and folder level, and you can either skip or include files or folders that are created after you set up the filter. You can set a warning so that you don't delete a bunch of your backup files inadvertently.. A particular strength of SBF is the comprehensive, context-aware help utility. On the flip side, the after-the-fact reporting could be more flexible and robust.

By default, SBF provides a recap of the most recent run of each profile. I would prefer that it didn't overwrite the previous log, and instead offer to retain all logs for "x" number of runs or "y" number of days.

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  • The intrepid user can work around the issue, but native support would be better. Some options e. But the free version does a lot. I have to rely on a commercial backup program to faithfully mirror the timestamps of the original files Let me know if you find a freeware back up program that can perform this very basic process. Also some synchronisation freeware works well enough, but are very slow. Its often not evident you are using a slow program, until you have found a faster one!

    I used to use SyncBack SE, a freeware sync program, and thought it was pretty fast Then I realised it was very slow, when I found a better and faster alternative When you are backing up large amounts of data, from locations containing more than 1. Another interesting find is DSynchronize, which has a portable version, so you dont have to muck up your registry. However, unless I am mistaken, this software also doesnt retain the original timestamps of the source folders.

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    Fast Copy is my go to program for file copying, it is very fast, and retains the timestamps of the original folders AND files However, the user interface of this freeware isnt very friendly Fast Copy also doesnt provide a summary before the copy to know what is already on the destination folder, as all good sync programs do.

    No idea why the time stamps would not carry across to your backup in FFS. Must be something with your system or settings. I can see no option to update backup file to today's date. I presume you are mirroring? My backup is identical to the nearest byte to my original, apart from files and folders that I filter out. Jon also in Australia. Australia, thanks for your comments. I am managing about 3 TB of data, so I certainly do appreciate speed. In the checking I've done so far, SyncBackFree doesn't seem to be missing any files.

    My biggest folder has ,plus files including subfolders and the numbers agree between my source and destination. But I will test more thoroughly, based on your cautionary words. You can review the report and abort the run before any changes are made. In fact, there is a Simulated Run mode that does just that.

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    I think that is a fairly common feature. To your other point, SBF does not retain the original creation date on the newly-created file or folder copy, although it does retain the original modification date. I agree it would be nice if that info was preserved, but it's not a particular requirement in my case.

    SyncBackSE is one of the 2 paid versions of the same program. I didn't install or work with that version. Based on earlier user comments, I opted not to evaluate FFS. I have been a FreeFileSync user for a long time. No more. Synchredible is great. Enough so that I bought the premium version in order to support the developer. Agreed on FreeFileSync.

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    I'm not going to use a data sync tool that is sharing activity with external servers. Synchredible looks good but wouldn't backup to a NAS as it won't see it. I also use a Backup on Save tool. Used FileHamster for years bit its not being updated and uses old. Yardis sort of works but seems to get confused. As a followup, I've been using Aomei Backupper for imaging my boot drive.

    Just discovered their version 4 has added Real-time Sync in the scheduling section. This will allow me to use it for Backup on Save functions as well - this is for key files to be automatically backed up with each new version.

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    It avoids loosing a days work if something goes wrong between daily data backups. It's saved my bacon a couple of times. G'day David - please explain what you mean by "sharing activity with external servers". What information does it share IYO? With whom? I only sync with partitions on or drives attached to my computer. I don't really see how it is meant to share activity with any one else, particularly as I obviously do not need to be online to sync. I use FFS every day and find it excellent.

    I even spend a few dollars once or twice per year to support Zenju who has responded well to the few issues I have had, Jon. That requires sending data to ad servers and returning with the ad content. What that data includes, I don't know but there is often an effort to "target" the ads, meaning they share some user data. I have 0 interest in having adware on my computer, especially when I have no way of knowing what is being shared with who.

    Many examples illustrate that once that door is opened, collected data tends to expand. There is also issues with opening a door for malware if the unknown ad companies are compromised. I understand why developers are doing this. Its become common for free apps on cell phones and is widespread online. Most people have no clue how much of their user data is being collected and shared unknowingly. But I'd rather not invite that onto my desktop. To use an analogy, it's one thing to have someone listen in on a conversation in a restaurant.

    It's quite another to have it happen in my living room. I have been using FreeFileSync for quite sometime now. I haven't seen any ads yet. To confirm, I just opened FreeFileSync, but cannot see ads anywhere in the program. Are you using current version? I stayed with the old version for awhile to avoid this new "feature" but have now replaced it.