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Live Home 3D is home design software for Mac for 2D plan creation and 3D visualization. The app suits both amateurs and professional designers. Get free trial!.
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However, projects created can be saved directly by in-app purchase.

Top 12 Home Design & Floor Plan Software For Mac

Whether you want to decorate, design or create the house of your dreams, Home Design 3D is the perfect app for you: 1. Suitable for the iPad 4 and iPhone 4s or latest No internet connection required Illustrated tutorial available Calling all professionals! We can make it possible to see your products in Home Design 3D, or develop a unique version of the app for your needs. Contact us at pro anuman-interactive.

I used it to redesign my hair studio. There are just a couple of minor things that are missing that would earn it a five star rating. When in 3D mode, I wish I could add the exam dimensions of the night of an object.

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Another thing that would make this app complete wold be if there were a generic object s or shapes that could be used to represent miscellaneous items that are not included in the object list. Those two things would make it 5 star for me.

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As a bonus, more customization and objects would make the app even better! Otherwise, I do love the app! The first is that there should be a wider range of styles. The second is that there are no roofing options that I have seen. I can understand paying money for items, but paying money before you can do anything is a bit extreme.

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Another thing is that it glitches. I feel that the app is pretty cool, but lacking in character, options, and explanations. If the glitches were fixed, the free trial included, and the home options expanded to include more styles, the app would be worth the money. Also where is the scale textures function? That should be a no brainer. Another gripe is how things are scaled.

Intuitive Home Design Software for Mac

It would be nice to be able to scale and have a control that only effects the side you are pulling on, especially because most items are up against other items or walls. If you want to explore other resources that might help you to fulfil a professional need, check out our handy lists of tools for graphic designers and free graphic design software for when you're on a budget.

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Because you're a creative, and not an architect, the software we've picked makes it easy for anyone to come up stylish designs quickly and easily. They will also allow you to add features such as doors and windows, while guiding you so you don't make any dangerous, impractical or downright impossible designs! So, when choosing the best home design software for your needs, you'll need to consider how easy it is to use — and if there are any features such as manuals and video tutorials that can help you get started.

Every piece of software we've included in this list of the best home design software has been picked because it offers an excellent balance between features and ease of use.

That means you can pick any of our choices here with confidence, knowing that you're not spending money on overly complex software with advanced features you'll never use, nor on a tool that's too simple and lacking in features. Features: Digital interior design, surface design, kitchen build wizard Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista.


Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is our pick for the best overall home design software thanks to its easy-to-use interface and sample plans that will get you designing your home, studio or workspace in no time at all. It's incredibly simple to use thanks to a number of wizards that take you step-by-step through the process of designing each room, and it has a large object library for you to add to your design.

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It also automatically calculates what materials you need — and there's a price calculator as well which gives you an idea of how much it will cost to build your designs. So, you've got 45 sample plans to get you started, as well as the QuickStart feature which lets you jump right in and begin designing your buildings. It has a huge library of video tutorials that can help you if you get stuck, but there's no step-by-step wizards to help you create rooms — unlike Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design above. However, it still offers fantastic value for money, and is perfect for people on a budget.

Macs are very popular with digital creatives, however, they don't have the same breadth of choice when it comes to home design software. If you use a Mac, it means you're limited to only a few software suites — and Home Designer Suite by Chief Architect is by far the best. It comes with a huge selection of features for designing the inside and outside of your building and it's compatible with SketchUp and Trimble 3D Warehouse, which host ready-made 3D models which you can include in your designs. It's also easy to export your designs into formats used by architects and builders.

Oh, and it's also available for Windows PCs as well. If you're just designing a small project, then you don't want to spend a fortune on a complex suite of design applications that include features you'll never use — which is why DreamPlan is an excellent choice.